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10 Amazing Shade Tolerant Herbs

Below you will find a  list compiled of all the different herbs that grow well in shade. Take a look at the herbs and find the perfect one for your home and garden!

Calendula pot marigold

Calendula not only has multiple medicinal uses, but it also produces colorful blooms. It stimulates the immune system. Calendula draws aphids away from valuable plants. Calendulas are adaptable and don’t require much maintenance. You can grow them in containers or beds in full sun to shade conditions. They prefer cool temperatures and their flowers last longer in filtered sun or shady areas.


Catnip is often grown for its beautiful ornamental properties. Catnip grows well in almost any soil, but does best in a moderately rich loam that is well-draining. It will grow acceptably in either sun or shade.


Chamomile is a delicate plant but produces the most popular and delicious tea made from leaves and stems. People have used chamomile as a traditional medicine for thousands of years to calm anxiety and settle stomachs. You can plant chamomile in the spring from seeds or plants. It grows best in cool conditions, and should be planted in part shade. The soil should be dry too.


Chives grow tightly packed meaning they are a great choice for small spaces. The leaves are thin and grass-like and impart a mild, onion-like flavor. You can use the pretty purple-pink flowers as an edible garnish. Chives aid in digestion and relieve gas. Ideal for them is rich, well-drained soil, although they can survive in less than ideal conditions too. They prefer moisture in the soil, yet water-logging should be avoided.


Coriander  has similar growth habits and cultural requirements with the parsley. It is easily grown from seeds, and thrives in rich, moist soil. Although it can grow in full sun where ample soil moisture is present, there is the risk of the plant bolting. It also results in bitter leaves. Partial shade helps maintain the taste and flavor of the herb.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is thought by herbalists to help fight many  woes, such as anxiety and stress. Other medicinal uses include a digestive aid  if made into a tea. It can control bloating and vomiting. The calming tea relieves a headache and restlessness too. It should be grown in rich, moist soil. Lemon balm loves sun and warmth, but it can thrive in partial shade as well.


Mint is one of the best choices for a shady spot. Mint is a hardy perennial that will spread quickly if left untended. Great for teas and cooking!


Oregano is an easy-to-grow perennial, and it is a very popular herb that finds a home in numerous Italian, Mexican, and Spanish dishes. Oregano does best in partial shade.


Parsley is often grown as an annual, with the leaves or the entire plant harvested for the table in the first year itself. People use the root as a vegetable in stews and soups. The leaves refresh the  breath when chewed. Parsley needs moist soil rich in organic matter to do its best. It is best in light shade for the lush growth of the leaves. Parsley prefers a temperature range of 70 to 85.


Thyme grows well almost anywhere, and you can cultivate it as a perennial. It can survive drought and light freezes, however it requires some protection in winter. It can do well in sunny locations, but prefers shade, especially in summer, or in warmer areas. Frequent pruning keeps the plants healthy and green.

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