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Plant These Bunny Succulents For The Cutest Easter Ever

Easter is synonymous with springtime, and that means it’s time for some hands-on gardening after a long winter. These bunny succulents are the perfect indoor, container gardening project that will bloom all spring long. Place them on your table for Easter dinner, and settle them on your office desk or kitchen table afterwards. They are the plant that keeps on blooming.

A rare succulent, the Monilaria Moniliformis is also known as the String of Pearls, though now people are referring to them as the bunny succulents. The stems have a beaded structure and while they are very rare, their care is remarkably simple.

The seeds are available for purchase on Amazon, making this one affordable way to brighten your home.

The basics of care are very simple with free-draining soil, plenty of sun and ventilation, and regular light watering in the right season.

These plants require a loam-based compost with the addition of extra drainage material such as horticultural grit or perlite.

In the early stages, these plants sprout tiny little bunny ears.

As they grow, the “ears” start to resemble something a little bit more Bugs Bunny-like.

Left to their own devices, the “ears” eventually start to bend under their own weight and eventually sprout white flowers with yellow centers.

So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect little DIY project to start!

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