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The Simple Secret To Making Your Tomato Plants Grow Healthy And Strong

Plants that have big root systems don’t need much water and they can stand summer storms and harsh weather. There is one thing you can do to encourage putting down robust roots when you grow tomatoes. You can start by looking at the stems of your tomato seedlings. When in contact with soil, the fine “hairs” lining the stem develop into roots. So, if you bury a large portion of the stem when you are planting you will double the size of the plant’s root system and better and healthier plants will arrive.

Here’s what to do:
1. Dig a four- to six-inch deep trench that is as long as your tomato seedling is tall.
2. Remove the seedling from its pot and massage the rootball apart.
3. Snip off the leaves on the lower portion of the stem, and remember to leave 2 to 4 sets of leaves at the top of the stem for enough leaf surface for photosynthesis.
4. Place the plant horizontally in the trench. Fill with soil, gently bending the stem of the tomato upward so the leaves remain above ground.
5. Place one of your tomato cages + tresllises around the plant or stake it immediately after planting. Don’t wait until later, since you may disturb your tomato’s growing root system.

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