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Growing a Vertical Garden and Ideas To Get you Started

Growing plants vertically brings many benefits to our gardens. Not only it will save some space, but it will keep plants off the grounds and make them susceptible to insects and diseases.

Another benefit from growing plants vertically is that harvesting is a lot easier. We’ve put a list of edibles you can grow vertically, and some ideas to make it happen, so take a look bellow:


Tomato cages are not usually the best way to support your tomato plants as they grow. If you grow lots of tomatoes, it is difficult to provide a cage for each plant. Not to mention many varieties get much taller than the cages used to support them.

Why don’t you try weaving them? Just set up posts (wooden stakes, metal garden stakes, or rebar), with heavy duty twine wrapped around them, a for above the ground. As your tomatoes grow and get heavy, circle the posts with twine supporting the plants on either side.

You can also grow tomatoes up a string. Wrap each tomato plant around a string as it grows, pruning it back s there is only one leading stem. This is some extra work and time, but it will offer a crop of tomatoes that will be very easy to manage and harvest.


Cucumbers will take a lot of space if you allow them to sprawl along the ground. Why not become more practical and create a cucumber arch using garden stakes and sturdy garden fencing. There’s also space beneath the arch to plant cool season crops, like lettuce and spinach.

Pole Beans and Peas

If you want to create trellises to support pole beans and peas, bamboo stakes secured with twine in a teepee-like structure are the best way to do it.

These two plants are fast growing plants. Just make sure to plant along your trellis in successive plantings in order to be able to spread out your harvest over a greater part of the season. Get a trellis up in early spring to use for the peas, and after the heat sets in you should sow beans in their place.

Squash and Melons

In order to grow summer squash vertically, create a sturdy trellis, and loosely tie the plant to the trellis as it grows. Plants with heavier fruits including winter squash, pumpkins, and watermelons can be grown vertically, but they will need extremely sturdy structures to grow on and their fruits may need more support.

The major benefit of vertical gardens is maximizing the space and minimizing the damage from some insects, like slugs.

Pallet Garden

If you lack space, try using a pallet. Using a clean and sturdy pallet, landscape fabric, and some strong staples, you can make a herb garden in a very little space. You can even place it on a deck or porch. Make sure you use appropriate sized plants like thyme, chives, parsley, rosemary, and calendula) and check water needs frequently.

Window boxes and gutter gardens

Window boxes attached to a fence or a deck, or the side of a house can be great micro gardens for greens like lettuce and spinach.

 PVC Pipe

Pvc pipe works similar like window boxes and gutters lined up against the side of a deck or house. You can also stand them up vertically – a popular method for growing strawberries. Pvc pipe is cheap and lightweight.

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