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8 Tips for a Continuously Productive Vegetable Garden

Striving for a more productive vegetable garden? Take a look at these 8 fantastic tips for a constant progress of your veggie garden.

1. Successive Planting

You probably have a list of things you usually plant at the same time. But check the directions on your seed packets or plants. That’s why a successive planting schedule will surely help you stretch your harvest time much longer.

2. Grow Everbearing Plants

Squash, peppers, and indeterminate tomatoes can almost be harvested daily. Others, like Swiss chard, collards, and kale can give you repeated harvests for months if you pull the leaves from the outside of the plant.Also, there are several varieties of strawberries and raspberries that will keep on giving over a long season.

3. Plant from Kitchen Scraps

There are some veggies that can be re-planted from kitchen scraps, including celery and green onions.

4. Plan Ahead

You can map out a planting calendar that will help you maximize your harvest, if you know what grows well in your zone and how longer does it take for your plants to mature.

5. Use Containers

Container gardening enables you to move plants to where they’ll get better sun, more shelter, or better protection when the weather starts changing.

Not sure if container gardening is the right thing for you? Take a look at our article here.

6. Stay on Top of Weeds

Make sure you visit your garden every couple days and pull out any weeds that are sprouting up.

7. Mulch

Don’t forget to apply 2-3 inches of mulch in your garden to help with water retention, weed growth, and soil temperature.

8. Water Correctly 

Make sure you water your veggies consistently, as irregular watering can lead to small veggie yields!

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