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7 Rules Every Tomato Grower Should Follow

Take a look at these tips by a professional gardener who have had a garden for almost 30 years. These tips will serve any tomato gardener well:

1.Tomatoes should be set deeply when transplanting.

All parts of the stem covered with soil will eventually form roots and this will cause more-robust plants.

2.Well-drained soil is a must for healthy plants.

If your soil doesn’t drain quickly after it rains outside, you should consider planting in raised beds or on soil berms.

 3.Mulch the plants and keep the foliage tidy and neat.

Soil splashing on the lower leaves when it rains heavily can cause soilborne diseases. Not good.

4.Don’t crowd the plants.

Allow your plants some air circulation and expose them to sun. By doing this you will reduce the spread of foliage diseases.

5.Large-fruited varieties need at least 6 hours of direct sun.

If you want your plants to yield well, provide them with at least 6 hours of sunshine. If the sunlight is limited, cherry tomatoes are a perfect option.

6.Pay attention to your plants.

If you notice wilting foliage your plants might be thirsty or they suffer from disease. Fruitworms, hornworms, and stinkbugs are the most troublesome critters. You can easily spot them, remove them and destroy them.

7.Keep it interesting.

Feel free to be creative and choose fun and different varieties, try out something new and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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