6 Ingenious Ways to Reuse Plant Pots

Have you ever filled the plant pot with potting soil, sowed it or plant into it, and afterwards – threw it away ?

Not so fast! Why?

Here are our six favorite ways to reuse plant pots.

1. Make a Plant Halo

Tomato plants need regular watering because they seem to be the thirsty plants, and this can cause to the soil to be compacted and water running off before being absorbed. So, what’s he solution? Make your own water reservoir ‘halos’.

Just get an old plastic pot and cut the bottom with a sharp knife or scissors. Now you have your halo.

Push it into the soil (halfway), and plant your tomato plant. When you water your tomatoes, the walls of the pot will contain the water and allow it to soak into the soil.

It is advisable to add more high quality potting compost to the halo when you plant, and leave enough space to water in it. This will encourage roots to grow from the buried part of the stem and provide more nutrients for the plant. This works for other crops such as peppers.

You can reuse old plastic pots and help water other plants that need lots of water such as squash. In this case you don’t have to cut off the bottom. Simply dig a hole next to the plant for the pot reservoir. Bury the pot closely up to the rim, and fill with water. The water will gradually seep out into the root zone of the plant.

2. Use a Pot as a Planting Guide

Need to pot on a plant into a larger container? Just use an empty pot that will serve as a planting guide.

Add potting soil to your new container, and place an empty pot the same size as the original in the middle of the container and continue to fill it. Remove the pot and leave a ready-made hole. Get your plant out of the old pot, tease out the roots a little, and plant into position. Water it.

3. Build a Bug Hotel

Beneficial bugs like bees and lacewings are great for the gardener because they pollinate our crops and eat the annoying pests. It is good to encourage them to stick around, for instance, you can make a home for them out of an old pot.

Stuff the pot with a selection of bamboo cane pieces, hollow stems, twigs or corrugated cardboard and perch the hotel on its side in a sheltered position. Or, just attach a hook to the pot and hang it from a branch.

4. Make a Twine Dispenser

Garden twine is very handy around the garden – but the problem is, it’s always getting tangled up!

This idea is easy yet ingenious. Pop your ball of twine in a pot and feed the end through one of the holes for drainage. Add duct tape over the top of the pot to prevent the spool of falling out. Now you have a ready twine dispenser. Just pull from the bottom and cut off whatever you need.

5. Get Crafty

Carefully scrub old pots clean and leave them to dry. They’re now ready to paint and decorate.

You can paint pots with non-toxic paints in order to prevent tainting any crops you plan to grow in them, or you can add textures by gluing on materials such as burlap or hessian, rope, or cloth. Theme your pots to suit your taste. Add shells, beads or even mosaic pieces to create a creative pot that’s unique just to you.

6. Use a Pot as a Harvesting Trug

Large pots are great containers for harvesting vegetables. The holes for drainage allow a quick and easy cleaning of the fresh produce. Simply place the vegetables in the container and blast them with a jet of water in order to loose and remove engrained dirt. Now, they are ready for your kitchen.

Did you find these tips helpful? We would appreciate your feedback!

Source: https://www.growveg.com