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Stop Buying Tangerines. Here’s How to Grow Hundreds at Home

Tangerines are providing us with many essential vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, folate, and potassium). This fruit is an amazing way to get the needed sweetness in your day. This citrus fruit can be grown home too. 

Take a look at these three ways you can tackle this fruit on your own: 

1. Grow it in a pot:  Tangerines are great in pots and they like hot and sunny weather. Unless you come from the semi-tropical or tropical climate, grow tangerines in a pot. A medium or large sized pot is great and a sunny location is a must. Tangerines need neutral soil in order to thrive well, so remove any excess peat from the roots before you start potting. Opt for dwarf versions of the tree if you plant tangerines in a pot.

2. In the backyard:  You can grow your own tangerine tree in your own backyard if you live in the right climate. Choose a sapling rather than a seed in order to start the crop. Again, a sunny location is important, and you should dig a hole bigger than the root ball.

Before you start planting, make the roots loose. Add some dirt to cover them and keep watering the tree regularly for a couple of months. 

3. As a houseplant:  Tangerines can be grown from seeds, but the fruit this type of seed produces are not always so tasty. The tree is pretty decorative and smells lovely. This plant is non-toxic, so it is safe for your kids and pets. So, next time you buy a tangerine cut the fruits in half and keep the biggest seeds. Then, plant them as soon as you can in order to keep the seeds fresh. 

Fill a pot (3-4 inches) with soil and plant all seeds about 1/2 inch deep. Keep the soil moist and cover the pot with a plastic wrap. Place the pot on direct sunlight. After you see the first sprouts, remove the plastic and plant it in a larger pot in a warm place with good sunlight. Regularly water, but make sure you don’t overwater them. These plants will grow slowly, so be patient.

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