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Lay a Stepping Stones and Path Combo to Update Your Landscape

If you want to get nice feel every time and leave a lasting impression on your visitors when visit your garden, then you could consider laying a stepping stone and pathway combo in it. Walkways are an integral part of every garden and they are not only functional parts, they can easily become a decorative role even more impact the style of a garden. There are many design ideas to creating a garden path that looks unique and creative. A stepping stone and pathway combo is that unique design it is created by several materials just like a mix of gravel and river rocks with concrete stepping stones. Or top a grass path with red brick stepping stones… Anyway, if you want to get rid of a plain garden walkway and increase the beauty of it, you should try a stepping stone and pathway combo.

#1. Set horizontal stone strips in gravel walkway.

#2. Create a brick walkway and then accent it with concrete stepping stones printed with heart shapes.

#3. Pave a river rocks or gravel garden path and top it with log sleepers that can be used for paving or as lawn or patio edging.

#4. Lay square stepping stones over a grass and river rocks garden path.

#5. Make a colorful rocks garden path with large flagstones.

#6. Create a walkway with gravel and river rocks and then adorn it with concrete stepping stones made from leaf molds.

#7. Top a white gravel path with wooden pallets or square cut stones.

#8. Put great red bricks over a gravel path.

#9. Use recycled blue glass or concrete crush as filler between round stepping stones.

#10. Combine dark rocks or crushed gravel with large white paving stones.

#11. Create a blend of textures with grass(Creeping Sedums,Blue Star Creeper,Creeping Thyme and Sagina Subulata) and stepping stones.

#12. Insert mosaic stepping stones into a red brick or grass pathway.

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