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16 Stunning Fairy Gardens Created by Recycled Things

I think it is not too early to prepare some home or garden decorating ideas for next Spring. It is best to be prepared ahead of time because you will have enough time to think about which decorating styles you want.

Here I recommend you wonderful fairy gardens created from recycled objects. Fairy gardens are a fun and creative way to add a magic touch to your home, backyard or small garden, and moreover a fairy garden set up by recycled things will ensure it’s absolutely unique.

So are you ready to create your own magical fairy garden?

#1. Old tire turned dinosaur small world or a fairy/succulent garden.

#2. Recycle a broken barbecue grill into a fairy camp garden:

#3. Grow a Mini Fairy Garden Inside a Vintage Lantern:

#4. Tree stumps turned into magic fairy houses:

#5. Transform a discarded fountain into a fairy garden tower:

#6. Make a Fairy Garden Inside a Reclaimed Wood Planter:

Or Inside a Wooden Box:

#7. Another Clever Use of Wicker Basket to Grow Charming Fairy Garden Inside of It:

#8. Recycle a Broken Terracotta Pot into a Fairy Garden:

#9. Design your dream fairy garden in a galvanized metal bucket or more:

#10. Do You Have Tea Cups No More Use? Why not convert them into crazy mini fairy garden?

#11. Don’t throw away those broken wine barrels, they can be turned to beautiful fairy garden:

#12. Don’t Toss Away Those Old Chairs, as They Can be Turned into a Fairy Garden.

#13. Have Got a Broken Wire Bed? Recycle it into a Fairy Garden:

#14. Plant Up a Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden.

#15. Thinking About What to Do with That Broken Bathroom Sink You Plan To Throw Away? Turn It Into a Crazy Fairy Garden.

#16. Design a Fairy Garden in Terrarium Style Inside a Birdcage

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