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15 Ideas to Reuse Clay Pots for Halloween Crafts

Did you know that Terra Cotta Pots can be used for many purpose, more than just simple potted plants? They are perfect for gardening and even better for crafting. Clay pots come in all different sizes and can be easily transformed into a lot of creative and fun things. Halloween is getting closer , so here we’ve rounded up 15 cool Halloween crafts that you can make using clay pots. You can buy them from local box plant retailers or reuse your terra cotta pots by tossing out the soil from your dead flowers.

1. Scarecrow pots – terra cotta pots painted and then dropped down a dowel rod.

2. Stack clay pots on top of one another, and give them a paint job fit for the wicked:

3. Replace your favorite potted flowers by the front door with these inexpensive zombie hands:

4. Cut the fabric into 1-inch strips and wrap them round the clay pots to make these Terra Cotta Mummies:

5. Assemble a Halloween cupcake stand using clay pots:

6. Take some terracotta pots and spray paint them in black color, then assemble such a spooky spider:

7. To make a mummy jar just take a strip of cut fabric and wrap it round a clay pot. Then attach a few wiggly eyes to it.

8. Turn clay pots upside down for pumpkin jack o’ lanterns:

9. Witch stacked from black painted pots. The witches caldron is actually a plant.

10. Turn a terra cotta pot upside down for a flower pot ghost:

11. Halloween Treat Stand

12. Jack Skellington Flower Pot

13. Glowing Frankenstein Lights

14. DIY Spider-Filled Fountain

15. Halloween Clay Pot Wind Chimes

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