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15 Creative DIY Small Storage Shed Projects for your Garden

I have used up every inch of spare space in my home, so I decided to come up with some small storage shed ideas for my yard. These projects are simple to complete, and they will make a great addition to your home.I think that a large shed is tacky in my yard because I do not have that much space, which is why these ideas are perfect for my needs. These designs do not overtake my lawn, but they are still big enough to store my family’s bikes, the garden tools, and even the trash bins.

In this guide, I will show you 15 unique small storage shed ideas that you can make your own.

1. A Small Black and Tan Storage Unit

2. Storage to Keep Your Garbage Undercover

3. Storage Cabinet for All Your Gardening Needs

4. A Raised Planter with Hidden Storage

5. An Add-On Storage Space with Shutter-Style Doors

6. Small White Shed with a Red Door

7. Simple Half-Sized Storage Shed for Your Yard

8. A Whimsical, Booth-Like, Glass Door Storage Shed

9. A Dainty Little Storage Space with Cabinets

10. A Wooden Shed with Plenty of Space

11. An Add-on Storage Unit for Your Home

12. A Greenhouse Storage Shed for your Garden

13. A Hideaway Storage Space for Smaller Objects

14. A Wooden Small Storage Shed Ideas

15. Covered, Two-Door Bike and Trash-Friendly Storage Unit

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