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10 Beautiful Bold Red Annuals For your Garden

Do you absolutely love gardening? Are you passionate about your garden? Why not show it by adding in some gorgeous red annual flowers this year?

Red is a gorgeous color, one that can’t help but draw the eye and turn some heads. One of the best things about adding red to your garden is that the type of flower itself transforms the shade into a variety of symbols. You can add in a funky flower to evoke whimsy, a rich-blooming rosette to evoke love and passion, and even a spire-shaped bloom to add intensity and boldness.

We’ve put together a list of 10 stunning red annuals that are sure to add an element of bold beauty to your garden.


This stunning beauty comes in a kaleidoscopic variety of exquisite colors, red being one of the real showstoppers of the group. The striking spires of Celosia blooms have twisted fire-like shape that easily resembles a fiery sunset. Be careful not to overwater these funky flowers. Instead, plant them in a well-drained area and lightly mist the blooms. Celosia is a delicate flower to care for and will grow best in zones 10 and 11. These flowers also can be hung upside down and dried to preserve their beauty.


These warm-loving flowers are a container and box-garden favorite, originally found in tropical and subtropical forests. Begonias are constant bloomers, making them a perfect addition for a summer garden or grown in a windowsill. Their fancy foliage has interesting markings and designs that make the leaves just as lovely as the blooms. These flowers grow well outdoors in zones 9-11 but make good houseplants in almost any region if they are kept relatively warm and receive sunlight.


Also called mums, Chrysanthemums are popular decorative flowers because of the meaning associated with each color, the red chrysanthemum conveying love. While their blooms come in varying forms, these decorative flowers are most often seen with daisy-like petals and decorative interior pompon-style buttons. They bloom well in a garden when kept dry with at least five hours of sunlight in zones 5-9.


The spiky, daisy-like blooms of a red dahlia make it a truly exquisite addition to any garden. Dahlias are showy bloomers, flowering from summer all the way through late fall. They are often grown to be used as cut flowers around the house and they play well with other flowers as well as vegetables. Dahlias are very susceptible to frost and can be grown in zones 2-11 when gardeners take special care to avoid frost.


These beautiful flowers are an easy-to-grow garden favorite, even flourishing when moved indoors during the colder months. Red geraniums are rich in hue and, like all geraniums, emit a delicate scent from their bundles of pleated, rosette blooms. They look wonderful in window boxes and pots. Geraniums will grow best in zones 10 and 11, but they can often be grown down to zone 7 if they are carefully tended to.


Impatiens is a garden favorite due to their hardiness and ability to flourish in zones 2-11, even being able to withstand very dry soil. Red impatiens is very cheerful flowers, with five broad petals and a deep purple center eye. They make excellent border plants and also do well in containers. Impatiens prefer at least partial shade.


Petunias come in a variety of lovely colors that are treasured for their lasting color and simple care. The trumpet-shaped 3-4” blooms grow upright and look especially lovely when they are allowed to spill over a garden border or container edge. Petunias grow best in zones 9-11, but they can also excel in slightly colder zones when properly cared for.


Want an exceptional burst of fierce red in your garden? Add red zinnias along with several other colors of this easy-to-grow flower to attract butterflies all summer long. Zinnias are excellent cutting flowers, with one daisy-like bloom sprouting off each separate stem. This hardy flower will thrive in zones 3-10.


Verbena is prized by gardeners for the old-fashioned appearance of its fragrant, fern-like flowers. The brilliant blossoms of Verbena bloom in clusters of bold colors and have frolicsome white eyes. Verbena will grow to its prime in zones 7-11.


Most commonly used as a bedding plant in summer gardens or in a hanging basket, Nemesia has fan-like petals that gather around a bright center eye. Nemesia can be grown as an annual plant in zones 2-11 and can thrive as a tender perennial in zones 9-11.

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