Ways to Create a Gorgeous Outdoor Area with Repurposed Containers

If you’re looking for an easy way to bring quirky, individual style to your yard, try these repurposed containers ideas. Look around your home for old and disused items that may make great additions to your garden. Old pails, doors, kitchenware, and bicycles make fun planters.

Let your garden be an expression of your personality. Make decorations from your old stuff to make sure that your garden is unique.

1. Vintage Boiler with Blooming Petunias

2. Repurposed Garden Container Ideas with a Toy Truck

3. Painted Hanging Plant Chandelier with Flowers

4. Graduated Drawers with Different Flowers

5. Painted Old Tires with Pansies

6. Rubber Rain Boots with Foliage

7. Whimsical Painted Watering Cans with Flowers

8. Old Painted Barrels and Crates with Petunias

9. Cast Iron Tub with Pansies and Ivy

10. Old Wheels used as Plant Hangers

11. Traveler’s Luggage with Flags and Greens

12. Stacked Crates with Overflowing Greenery

13. Painted Bicycle with a Handle Box

14. Repurposed Garden Container Ideas with a Tea Kettle

15. Terra Cotta Pots Hung From a Door

16. Cacti in a Vintage Tin

17. Bright Painted Butterflies on a Board with Pails

Source: theartinlife.com