She Placed Matches In The Flower Pots. The Reason Why? Amazing

 One women decided she wants to put matches in the flower pots. The reason behind her decision will surprise you.

Indoor plants gives comfort and warmth to our homes, and increase the amount of oxygen in the rooms too.


However, sometimes plants dry too much for no reason and we keep asking why is this happening even though we provide our plants with so much care. Some things are difficult to spot like small pests, flies and similar insects are just an addition to the reason why.

Fortunately, we present you a simple trick that one housewife revealed, and shows how quickly you can get rid of any flies in your flowerpots. It only takes a couple of matches.

Just stick them with hands to the ground at about 2 inches from the edge of the pot and put the flowers. After 2 days, replace the matches with new ones, and after around 2 or 5 days all pests, flies or insects will be gone.

You won’t have to buy poisons and chemicals to get rid of them. This is a completely natural way to improve your flowers. Matches have phosphorus and sulfur which penetrate the soil and release the plant from unwanted guests. This trick is perfectly safe for your indoor plants.


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  1. Allison says:

    Does this work for outdoor plants?