Growing Oregano At Home Was Never Easier With These Fantastic Tips!

Oregano is among the most famous herbs we all use in our homes. Whether we make homemade pizza, or we add it to spice up our favorite lunch, or pasta, or simply to give a nice flavor to our salads, oregano is a herb that everyone has in their kitchen.

Learning how to grow oregano at home is easy and satisfying. Follow the steps below and learn how to have endless supplies of it in your home!

Decide Between Clippings or Seeds

Grow clippings if you got some oregano planted already. Otherwise, you can purchase new seeds. It is important to take clippings only from well-established oregano plants. Wait until the plant establishes well before you take the clippings off.

Select Your Planting Location

For oregano, it is important that the soil drains well, so choose such location. Look for an area that receives lots of sunlight too as this is what the plant needs in order to grow. Start planting indoors if you live in a colder area.

Provide Enough Space for Several Plants

An oregano plant that is fully matured can reach up to 76 cm tall and 61 cm wide. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure you provide enough space for your oregano. If you grow oregano indoors, Choose a container that’s about 30.5 cm in diameter.

Plant your Oregano

Plant the oregano seeds ¼ inch deep. On the other hand, bury clippings to about ½ inch deep. As with many other herbs, patience is important. You should know that indoor planting will make seeds to sprout much faster. Oregano plants will take up to ten days to sprout from the soil. But your oregano may take more or less time. This depends on sunlight, soil quality, and watering.

Water Your Oregano Plant Moderately

Water your plants regularly during the first few months. Lessen the amount of water once they have established. Always touch the soil and feel if it needs more or less watering. When you water the oregano grown indoors, douse the plant until you notice water dripping off the drainage holes.

Trim Your Oregano for Thicker Growth

By trimming or pinching, you can encourage the growth of the denser leaves. If you do this, the branches will produce more leaves and this also means more produce for you.

Also, remove older plants, by taking the older and sick plants because they could easily crowd your plant and steal the resources.

Weed Around Your Plants

Weed around your oregano plants and target the weeds while they are still young since they are much easier to remove. Consider using some garden tools for weeding to make it easier.

Harvest Your Oregano

Pick your oregano in the morning right after the sun has risen. Use scissors in cutting the leafy bunches off the plant. Avoid bundling the oregano too densely as this could lead to uneven drying and will result to a less than desirable finish. Wash the herb well to rinse the bacteria or bugs and enjoy it fresh or dry.

If you want to dry it, by hanging your plants in an area that’s dry and warm, but far from direct sunlight. Use clothesline and hang the oregano plant at your porch, attic and even in your kitchen.