16 Awesome DIY Rope Ideas to Enhance Your Yard

DIY decorating ideas with rope can be used in your outdoor space to give a special charm to your home. Rope can be used in outdoor projects, as candle holders hanging from your trees in your backyard or to sustain swings on your front porch. Add shells and glass bits, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful wind chime.

Here are 16 ideas to get you inspired!

1.Kids Swing

2.Lanterns Hanged on a  Tree

3.Hanging Bed

4.Manila Rope Lights

5. Charming swing chair

6.Decorative Wine Bottles

7.Rope Ottomans

8. Striped Plant Stand

9.Rope Flower Planters

10.Entertaining Zone For Kids

11. Coffee Table

12. Rope Fence

13. Rope Planter

14.Vertical Rope Garden

15. Decorative Manson Jars

16. Manson Jars Lights

Source: theartinlife.com