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Stop Buying Potatoes. Here’s How to Grow an Endless Supply of Potatoes Right at Home

One of the easiest vegetables you can grow on your own are potatoes. They don’t need a lot of attention, and with this neat potato tower trick, you can grow a lot of potatoes all at once. Not to mention, they will taste delicious.

To begin you will need the following:

  • Wire fencing that’s four feet tall and eight feet wide
  • Straw
  • Compost or Dirt
  • Seed potatoes


First, install posts in a square shape. Have in mind that they should be 18 inches apart from each other. This is the foundation for your potato tower.


Next, take your wire and wrap it around the posts like a fence. Once you do this, cut it so you will get a horizontal leg to wrap around the vertical leg you created when you started fencing. Use pliers to crimp ends together.


Then, its time to add hay, compost, and dirt in order to make an environment in which potatoes can grow.


Take 2 pounds of seed potatoes (about eight  medium-sized potatoes) and cut them up. Leave four eyes attached to each piece.


Place the potatoes in the dirt and compost. Remember that the green buds should face out towards the straw. Then, cover the potatoes with a few inches of dirt and lay down another set of potatoes. Do this until the potatoes are all gone. At the top of the tower, plant the eyes in the middle to make sure that potatoes grow upwards. Water the tower regularly.


Your potato tower will slowly begin to grow upwards and vertically as the plants boom.



Harvesting the potatoes is really easy. Pull away the straw and compost, and you will quickly be able to uncover your potatoes. Make sure you don’t water the tower before you harvest… otherwise you will be digging through mud!


This potato tower produces plentiful amounts of potatoes. You’ll have enough to last you for awhile!


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