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How To Grow Your Own Unlimited Supply Of Turmeric At Home. It’s Ridiculously Easy!

Medical experts and scientists from all over the world have provided evidence that turmeric is an extremely beneficial spice with an innumerate list of uses.

It comes from the root of Curcuma and has potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-septic properties.

Now, you can grow an endless supply of this natural miracle!

As turmeric is grown from rhizomes-root cuttings, you will need a large rhizome and break it into small pieces with a couple of buds. Put a well drained, but still lightly moist, rich fertility soil in the pots and place the rhizomes 2 inches below its surface. The buds should be facing up.

Then, water the pot well and add compost tea or some effective fertilizer.

You need to keep the root moist all the time, so you should water it regularly, even once in a couple of days, if you live in a hot and dry climate. You can also use a spray bottle and spray it. Yet, there is no need to water it too often if you live in a cooler climate.

Your new turmeric root will probably need 8-10 months in order to be enough mature for a harvest. As soon as the rhizomes grow sufficiently large, you should dig them up all at once. Yet, remember to save several of them in order to plant the new ones the next season.

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