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18 Mind Blowing Uses For Aloe Vera – You Will Never Buy Expensive Products Again

The ancient papyruses called ebers are the first recordings of the use of aloe vera, which give information for twelve different recipes with aloe. Allegedly, aloe vera originates from Northern Africa.

This succulent plant has been used all around the world as both a decorative plant and a healing remedy. Today, it’s widely known as an effective product for reducing wrinkles and against burns.

Growing aloe would benefit you a lot, mainly because of its medicinal properties, not to mention paving the way towards your first domestic herbalism.

The conditions for growing aloe vera are easy to attain. In a nutshell, the needed amount of care includes only occasional watering and fertilizing and warm environment.

Aloe vera has thick leaves, filled with gel which can be gathered easily. Just cut open one of the leaves and collect the oozing gel from it.

The aloe juice can be found in most of the stores for healthy food, but the homegrown gel could be safer, and not to mention that it is the cheaper variant. You get the best benefits by harvesting the biggest and ripest leaves, because of their larger concentration of gel.

The beneficial properties of this plant are constantly updating and you can easily check for any new research regarding it.

What is known and proved by now, is that you can use the substance for the following issues:

Health benefits from external usage of aloe vera:

  • heals wounds
  • could be used as a hair conditioner (may even prevent hair loss)
  • may be used as a shaving gel
  • soothes burns (one of the best home medicines for sunburns)
  • calms boils, rashes or other skin issues
  • reduces itching from bug bites
  • reduces wrinkles
  • soothes acne and eczema
    • moisturizes skin

Health benefits from internal usage of aloe vera:

  • improves the body’s immunity
  • stabilizes blood sugar
  • prevents digestive disorders like constipation, bloating, IBS and colitis and calms stomach disturbances
  • promotes better functioning of the urinary tract
  • boosts the production of white blood cells and healthy cells in cancer patients
  • reduces indigestion and heartburn
  • reinforces the heart and improves the quality of blood
  • lowers arthritis inflammation
  • helps obtaining healthy gums

Therefore, put all that pharmaceutical medication away and enjoy the numerous benefits of aloe vera!

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