11 Of The Worst Plants To Grow In Your Garden

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  1. sarah says:

    Sorry I’m not believing this flower list. I have many of them. If they are so dangerous why are they allowed to sell them.

  2. Barb O'Brien says:

    Not totally accurate information.

  3. Percy Thrower says:

    What a load of tosh! however it has saved me from going out into the garden for a wee dig and a nibble on my bulbs buried 4 inches in the ground! Anyway can’t chat need to get my foxglove lilly of the valley pesto done! But first I just have to get rid of the panda salesman trying to sell me some dodgy bamboo!

  4. Aunt Jane says:

    Silly! These are generally not garden plants these belong in the flower bed except for mint. Mint will spread but smells lovely when I mow.