Vertical Wall Garden Is The Best Idea For Saving Some Space

Do you like the idea of being surrounded by greenery? How many of you would agree that green color relaxes the mind and keeps us at peace? I definitely would!

People have started to grow their gardens vertically, instead of the ordinary horizontal ones. Despite for being so nice looking, these are space-savers as well. So, add some greenery and grow vertically to establish a nice and well-maintained garden.

Vertical Wall Garden Ideas

How to create vertical wall garden?

You will need a solid structure. Attach a layer of fabric onto it. This will be the basis where your plants will grow. Plastic is the most appropriate material. Also, you need to set up an irrigation system of tubes so your plants can get enough water.

This is a great way to grow edibles too! Growing your own lettuce does not require so much space if you do it vertical. If you are growing bigger plants, consider putting a heavier and larger frame that will stand the weight.