How To Start A Unique Urban Garden To Grow Lots Of Plants In So Less Space

An urban garden will require you to have the right tools, ideas, and some inspiration.  Small hings like space and time should not stop you from starting a garden.

Here are some wonderful tips on how to start a unique urban garden!

1.Window farming is an excellent option

Window farms allow the plants to use the natural light, organic soil and of course, this is the best use of your space. The water that is spiced with nutrients is pumped at the base and trickles down from each bottle. This will keep the roots well watered.

2.Vertical Gardening helps you to create more space

If you have a small balcony consider a vertical gardening, a small patio, a rooftop or even an open window that is sunny.

3.Grow vegetables that are most productive and take less space

Veggies like beans, tomatoes, peppers, etc. are the most suitable for urban gardeners. Other vegetables like spinach, lettuce, carrots take less space and are productive as well.

4. Windowsill Gardening can’t be missed out

5.Don’t overlook this PVC pipe garden idea

If you crave greenery but have no space, this idea is all you need!

6. Use Stacked Planters and Make Your Urban Garden

This idea is great for growing herbs and leafy greens.

7.Elevated Cedar Planter Box

8.Green Up a Privacy Wall

9.Apples in the City

10.Hanging Herb and Veggie Basket