Simple and Beautiful Ideas for a Vertical Vegetable Garden

A vertical garden is a method on how to grow plants on walls.

It was first found in nature and ancient civilizations, and since then vertical gardens have been thriving for centuries on walls all around the world. So, how does a vertical garden work? It works when  the nutrient water flows over a vertical surface and feeds the roots which keeps the plants alive.

Vertical gardens are an alternative for gardeners who don’t have plenty of horizontal space, or who want to cover an unattractive wall, or simply want something different.

Vertical gardens, or as they are referred to nowadays, “think living walls”, are of the hottest new garden trends and yet one of the oldest. A vertical garden is a perfect solution for just about any garden, whether it is indoors or out.

For instance, vertical gardening with upright structures can be a boon for apartment dwellers, small-space urban gardeners, and disabled gardeners as well as for gardeners with large, traditional spaces.

Or, maybe, indoors, you can grow small-stature houseplants as vertical gardens by creating living walls, for a tapestry of color and texture that helps to filter out indoor air pollutants.

What about in cold-winter climates? Well, houseplants grown in vertical gardens can add the needed humidity in months when the furnace runs and dries the air out. Increasingly, hotels and office buildings are incorporating living walls and vertical gardens inside and outside.

Although vertical gardens might need more frequent watering, they contribute to good air circulation.

This video will offer a lot of tips and advice on what are the best ways to grow a vertical garden!

Take a look:

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