How to Plant Your Own Succulent Bowl

Planting a succulent bowl is easy and fun wile allowing you to put your personal spin on it. You know how much we love succulents, as they are easy to maintain, they don’t need much care, and best of all, all succulents look absolutely perfect!

The biggest challenge you will face when planting your bowl will be to decide which succulents you are going to use as there is such a diverse range of options available.

The ingredients for your succulent bowl

Use a mix of 1 part river sand to 2 parts potting soil

Start from the middle and work outwards

Succulents prefer as much sunlight as possible. However, they can tolerate a little bit of shade as well. When it comes to watering, he best guideline for succulents is to water them regularly during the growing season whilst ensuring they dry out completely in between every watering. Allow them to dry out more during their dormancy and water them only a little bit.

To make your succulent bowl you will need:

  • A selection of succulents;
  • bowl or other suitable container;
  • river sand;
  • potting soil;
  • bone meal;
  • gravel.

Add some gravel at the base of the container to ensure that the drainage holes don’t get blocked. For the soil, mix one part of river sand, and two parts of potting soil. Fill up with this mix to the depth of the biggest succulent you have chosen.Then, just arrange the other succulents around it while filling up with soil and a bit of bone meal where necessary. The next step is all up to you, arrange them by playing with their colors and shapes to create the desired look for your succulent bowl.