How to Make a Terra-Cotta Herb Tower

Gardening is a peace of art. It should be something easy to do, at the same time pleasing to the eye. This article will help you learn how to make an amazing Terra-Cotta Tower, or so called “tree” of herbs.


It is creative and useful for every gardener to make this and own it in their garden. It makes the space and design so appealing as well. Don’t hesitate and start it now. You will need :

• five planters (terra-cotta is recommended);

• a soilless potting mix;

• and a bunch of assorted herbs;

The secret lies in using some of the pots upside down. Start by putting the largest planter wherever you want the tree to be placed. If you don’t do it in the beginning it will be harder for you to move it. Then, turn the smaller pot upside down and put it right in the center in the larger pot. The distance between the two pots need to be 6 inches. Pour soilless mix in this gap. Repeat the same procedure with another couple of planters, but make sure to be a bit smaller than the previous two. The space between them should now be 4 inches. Then, put the last pot on top. Now, you can plant your soil. You will be amazed at what you achieved in less than an hour. Congratulations ! You made an amazing and delightful tower of herbs !