Gardener Uses Epsom Salt in Ways I Never Thought of. The Tips Can Help Any Gardener!

You have all probably heard that Epsom salt has major health benefits around your house. However, Epsom salt brings major benefits to your garden as well!

 It’s a huge source of magnesium sulfate and is pH neutral– and this makes it harmless to your soil. Those who use Epsom salt in gardening often apply it to peppers, tomatoes, and roses.

We prepared a list of some of the best ways that you could use Epsom salt in your gardening!


Aid seed germination


The magnesium in epsom salt improves the germination process and helps in strengthening cell walls.This leads to stronger weeds. All you have to do is spread one cup of Epsom salt for every 100 square feet of soil.

Grow sweeter tomatoes


Grab an empty gallon sized container and put warm water into it. Then mix one tablespoon into the container and water your plants with it every two weeks. Plants that have magnesium deficiencies tend to be less sweet, which is why Epsom salt can be useful.

And grow greener plants


Magnesium also aids in the production of more chlorophyll from your plants , and this can help your plants grow greener. You probably know that plants that start having yellow leaves are plants that lack magnesium. Just spread some Epsom salt around the base of your plants for healthier leaves and better looking plants. Add the salt once per month and use one tablespoon for every twelve inches of height.

Avoid fertilizers with chemicals


Plant roots that take in nutrients such as phosphorous, nitrogen, and sulfur are able to absorb more nutrients when they have a bigger amount of magnesium. This is why Epsom salt is useful in aiding the nutrient gathering process for your garden. It also helps you avoid using fertilizers with chemicals.

Grow higher yields of peppers


The magnesium content in soil can become depleted as it is absorbed by a plant, and the substance is also essential for pepper growth. Just spread some Epsom salt around the base of your pepper plants and you’ll notice more yields of peppers in no time!

Grow brighter, more vibrant roses


If you soak your rose plant roots in half a cup of Epsom salt that’s mixed into one gallon of water, and then sprinkle some salt into the hold that you’ll place your plant into. Then add a thin layer of soil atop of the salt and place the rose plant inside. This will help your roses grow with richer and more vibrant color!

Grow greener grass


For those you who go for beautiful gardens that incorporate grass or your lawn perhaps, spreading Epsom salt around can be a great way to green it up. This is because the magnesium and sulfates in the salt aid in the production of chlorophyl for plants.

Keep plants growing after heavy soil use


Among ingredients that occur naturally in soil but can become deficient are magnesium and sulfates. This is the reason why using Epsom salt can help you get the most out of your soil.

Grow a healthy garden off the bat

Using epsom salt can you help ensure it grows healthy right off the bat whether you are new, or an experienced gardener starting a new garden. When adding your soil, just spread one cup for ever hundred square feet. Mix the salt into your soil before planting your plants.

Get more out of watering your plants


To make better use of watering your plants, just add 2 tablespoons of the salt into a gallon of water and mix it together until the salt dissolves.Using a spray bottle spray your plants with the mixture. Use the Epsom salt mix once every month and start spraying your plants just after they start blooming.

Deter garden slugs


All you have to do to keep annoying slugs away is to sprinkle some salt where you see slugs often. It’s also useful because Epsom salt is natural uses no chemicals.