At First, I Was Confused Why She Dug A Hole In Her Backyard, But Then I Saw The Gorgeous Result

Have you ever thought about adding a small pond in your backyard? It sounds hard, but trust me, there’s nothing easier on this planet. Then, when you come to the end result, you’ll feel spectacular. If we put some interest in your head, read the materials you’ll need:


  • rope or string
  • shovel
  • liner for pond
  • underlayment
  • water
  • filter or water kit
  • decorative works

First, map out your pond’s size and location by using a rope or a string. Second, start digging. After you make a hole that is big enough, lay your liner and use underlayment in order to protect the liner. Make sure the liner leaves 10-12 inch overhand around your hole. Then, fill the pond halfway with water.

Now, the time has come to set up the filter kit and the pump. After you do this, attach the novel head you’ll be using and use half-inch tubing in order to cone the spitter and the diverter valve on the kit. Put the pump in the center of the pond and continue filling the pond with water.

You might think to put some fish or plants to your pond. If yes, make sure you add chlorine remove to your pond water. After filling the pond, use some stones to secure the liner.

And, then….you are done! Now, look what you’ve made and enjoy in your beautiful new pond!

What do you think, would you add a pond to your backyard? We want to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below!

So? What do you think? Would you add a pond in your backyard? We want to hear your thought and opinions ! Let us know in the comments!

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