Create Your Dreamy Garden With These Hydrangea Landscape Ideas

Looking for ideas for designing your garden landscape? You should definitely stop and take a look at these stunning Hydrangea Landscape Ideas. And you will certainly fall in love with these huge and bushy plants.

They will make your garden look like the ones from your dreams. So, read on and find out more about these stunning flowers and how to care for them!

Why choose hydrangea?

If you want a stunning landscape that everyone will be jealous of, then you should plant hydrangeas. These beautiful flowers will add a splash of color in the garden, while they are a good preparation for the summer. They enjoy huge popularity because of the stunning blooms they produce. On the other side, they require care and specific conditions. Everything will pay off as soon as your garden blooms and you will enjoy the sight so much.

Did you know?

Hydrangeas come in different color, from pure white to pink and dark purple. And no, you don’t need different seeds to have different colors. The color of the blossoms depends on the pH level of the soil and the amount of aluminium that it contains. If the soil is acidic, the flowers will be blue. If it’s alkaline, the flowers will be pink. Sounds pretty interesting.

How to take proper care for Hydrangea?

One common problem that you may encounter is the lack of blooming. Why your Hydrangea won’t bloom and let us enjoy their colorful flowers? It is pretty simple. These plants require sunlight that is not direct, otherwise you have to water them more often. If the spot that you plan to landscape has shadow, then it is very possible that your flowers will not bloom. On the other hand, the lack of flowers can be caused by incorrect pruning. They need minimal pruning.

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