Add These Amazing Things To Your Compost Pile and Get The Best Compost!

If you are thinking of starting a new compost pile, this is the right time to do so. All the tings that go in the pile instead of a dumpster will help you improve your environment and save lots of space by making your soil full of nutrients.

Take a look at this list of things you can throw into your compost pile without a second thought:

1. Eggshells

2. Seaweed and kelp

3. Old bread

4. Dead plants

5. Paper towels

6. Dryer Sheets

7. Hair

8. Wine corks

9. Expired dairy products

10. Condoms made from latex

11. Candy

12. Paper

13. Pet food

14. Clothing

15. Paper grocery bags

16. Rotund or the remainders of any fruit

17. Beer and Wine

Do these things come as a shock to you? Well, it is important to know that combining these items will create a great compost for you to use in your garden.

Unexpected And Shocking Things You Can Add To Your Compost Pile 2

Things you shouldn’t compost include:

1. Meat, bones or fish scrapes (they will attract pests)

2. Diseased plants

3. Pet manures

4. Banana peels (may contain pesticide residue)

5. Peach peels (may contain pesticide residue)

6. Orange rinds (may contain pesticide residue)

7. Black walnut leaves

8. Perennial weeds


A good and quality compost means healthy soil, and when you have a healthy soil it means you will have the best food. Composting regenerates poor soil and promotes production of beneficial micro-organism. A good compost also cleans up contaminated soil and absorbs bad odors. By encouraging healthy roots, compost reduces the use of synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides.


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  1. Theresa Schroeder says:

    I but organic bananas and compost using a worm bin the worms absolutely love banana peels.