18 Amazing DIY Log Ideas To Have Rustic Decor To Your Home

You might already know that our favorite projects are DIY ones. These projects can be very creative and can give warmth in your home. There are so many things you can make, like different kinds of decorations out of logs. For example, you can make candle holders or vases.

Here are some amazing ideas to inspire you!

1. Beautiful Rustic Log Lounge Chair

2. Log Side Table

3. Turn A Log Into A Hand Rail

4. Make A Hollow DIY Log Planter

5. Unique Logs Hanging Planters

6. Amazing Coffee Table

7. DIY Floating Cupcake Stand

8. DIY Lamp from a Tree Stump

9. Make Some Beautiful Coasters

10. Rustic Wine Rack

11. DIY Tree Stump Centerpiece

12. Turn a Tree Stump Into a Birdbath

13. DIY Tree Trunk Planter

14. Welcome Natural Wreath

15. Log Bar Stools

16. Rustic DIY Log Candlesticks

17. Stunning Stump Knife Block

18. Log Staircase

Source: theartinlife.com