16 Genius Garden Hacks That Turn Trash Into Treasure

Don’t cry over a broken pot. We are presenting you the best way you can use the items you normally toss away in the garbage!

Take a look at these 16 genius garden hacks and turn your trash into treasure!

Terracotta Pot Makers

Mini-Fairy Garden

Wine Cork Markers

Wine Bottle Planter

Toilet Paper Tubes For Seedlings

Egg Shell Seedling Starters

Broken Egg Shells

Fertilize With Coffee Grounds

Banana Peel Fertilizer (Soak Bananas in Water to create a potassium rich fertilizer)

Seeds And Scraps

Tiered Milk Jug Planter

Milk Jug Watering Can

DIY Rain Barrel

Pantyhose Plant Hammock

Soda Bottle Vertical Garden

Rain Gutter Vertical Garden

Source: housebeautiful.com

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  1. Jackie Jones says:

    hi this is awsome please could you tell me how you did the rain barrell?