15 DIY Garden Decoration With Tree or Logs That You Will Love To Have

Would you like to turn your backyard garden into art projects with these spectacular decoration ideas? You can choose to make the tree stumps in your backyard into coffee tables, pretty planters or create beautiful, unique floors.

Take a look:

1.DIY pathway in the garden by reusing the old wooden tree

2. Turn your old wooden logs into lovely mushroom seat stools in the garden

3. Reuse the wooden stumps for creating outdoor dining room

4. DIY wooden logs arbor for special moments in the garden

5. Before and after table made of rustic wooden log

6. DIY raised bed garden made of fallen tree

7. DIY rustic fallen tree as a bird nest

8.Make a wood slice or log fountain

9.Create a wooden bird feeder

10.Try these awesome cracked log outdoor lamps

11.Wooden solar lamp

12.Log flowers planter

13.Wooden well as garden decoration


14.Wooden dog house made of logs

15.Wooden chairs

Source: theartinlife.com