12 Beneficial Tips for Container Gardening You Should Know

One of the best advantage of container gardening is that it allows to pick up your produce and carry it where ever you go. It is an excellent option for urban lifestyle, where people have a limited apartment space.

Whether you’re new to planting in pots or a seasoned expert, our collection of 12 container gardening tips should help. Enjoy!

1. Select Appropriate Pot Size

Bigger pots allow convenient watering and fertilization of plants. They are perfect for long-term use. So, if in doubt then always select bigger size pots!

2. Pots with Proper Drainage are Important

Excess water can damage your plants. Plants need water, but in sufficient volume only. Hence, make sure you pick pots with proper drainage system. Excess water must flow through the plants rather than getting accumulated at the bottom.

3. Plant Dwarf Varieties

If you want to pot small plants then you can consider planting dwarf varieties. They are always happy in small containers. Even they tend to grow in same size and stay fit in small containers. You can keep them in same containers for long time.

4. Use Light-Colored Containers

It is always wise to use light-colored containers. Light colors reduce heat absorption. Also, they keep the roots cool and warm. Hence, with light-colored pots you can expect healthy plant growth. With proper sunshine and cool roots, your plants will stay green and shiny.

5. Use Right Equipment for Potted Plants

One of the important tips for container gardening for beginners is to use right equipment for potted plants. From soil, seeds, pest solutions you need to focus on each and every aspect that guarantee to give you safe and effective results. This would ensure you are able to grow plants easily.

6. Save Seeds

You can keep your gardening budget low by saving seeds. When there are unplanted seeds available then try to save them for future use. This would give you the ease to stretch on your budget.

7. Practice Mulching

Mulching is a great way to prevent water loss. You can use mulch if your plants are sensitive to water or stand out in hot sun throughout the day. This would ensure that your plants stay healthy and does not get damages due to severe exterior exposure.

8. Paint your Pots

If you are bored with the usual color of your pots and want to give a different and unique look, then try painting them. You can pick waterproof, non-toxic paint, and add colors to them that can hold up in the sun. It is a perfect example of good gardening and creativity.

9. Water Plants at the Right Time

Sunset and early morning are the right time to water plants. It is because these are the times when there is less water loss through evaporation. So, water plants at the right time to maintain their healthy growth.

10. Easy to Grow Plants

An excellent tip for vegetable container gardening is to grow leeks, shallots, and garlic. All this can make container gardening a rich experience. These plants have very less insects and disease problems. They have shallow roots and even occupy very little space.

11. Handling Heavy Plants

When you are gardening in pots that are hefty then it can be difficult to move them. An easy solution is to place heavy pots on a platform with wheels. This would be much convenient to move them throughout the season and would add to convenient handling.

12. Go the DIY way

Worried about your budget? No need to buy expensive pots available commercially. Anything that can hold soil and drain can be used as a pot. Just think about it!

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