10 Interesting Facts About Succulents, You Didn’t Know About

Growing succulents doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, they are extremely easy to care for, come in just about every color from the rainbow and look very cute all year round. Now, if you are looking for specific facts and tips about succulents, keep reading and get informed on the most important facts about growing and caring for succulents!

Things You Never Knew About Succulents

  • Succulents originate from dry, desert locations such as Africa

Succulents store water in their leaves so they first cropped up in locations that have long and dry seasons.

  • They got their name from the Latin word “sucus” which means juice or sap

Succulents’ leaves help them survive in extremely warm conditions because of their thickness and sap.

Here are some amazing succulent gardens to inspire you to decorate your interior and yard.

  • Approximately 60 different plant families contain succulents

Including plant families like Xanthorrhoeaeceae and Cactaceae.

  • You can find a succulent in just about every color of the rainbow

The most common are green succulents, however, you can also find red, orange, pink, purple and blue!

  • Generally, this plant is pest resistant

Another reason why you will love them!

  • There is a chance to use succulent cuttings to grow new plants

Have you heard of propagating? This is the process where all you need to do is to snip off a succulent leaf, let it dry and plant it.

  • Cacti are succulents but not all succulent plants are cacti.

Succulents are often confused for cacti. 

  • Did you know that there is a succulent named after a donkey’s tail?

Check out this succulent on the Internet, it looks adorable!

  • The Christmas cactus is a succulent poinsettia

This cacti bloom just in time for Christmas holidays, which makes it favorite in many people’s homes!

  • You can make beautiful jewelry with this plant

And it grows as you wear it! You can show off your green thumb on your fingers, ears or wrist.

Source: topdreamer.com